Navajo Skinwalker Style- The Story

Navajo Skinwalker Style- The Story

In Navajo culture, a "Skinwalker" is believed to be a type of harmful witch or sorcerer who has the ability to shape-shift into animals. The term "Skinwalker" comes from the Navajo phrase "yee naaldlooshii," which translates to "he who walks on all fours." It is considered taboo to speak openly about Skinwalkers within Navajo communities due to their association with dark and malevolent powers. Skinwalkers are believed to have the ability to take on the physical appearance of an animal, often a coyote, wolf, owl, or crow, in order to inflict harm or cause chaos. They are said to possess supernatural abilities and are feared for their potential to bring sickness, death, and misfortune. It is important to note that skinwalkers are specific to Navajo culture and their beliefs, and should not be confused with other mythological creatures or entities from different cultures.


So I get asked all the time "Why you name the sauce after this?" or "You shouldn't put that word on the label, our people will be upset." And Im here to inform why we did this. I love our culture, traditions and the beliefs we have. When we decided on the name for our spicy barbecue, I wanted to use it to get the curiosity of the consumer. I wanted to shed light on a part of our culture wether it being a spiritual entity we don't talk much about in our society. When someone looks up what Skinwalker is, they are looking more into our culture and learning more about Navajo culture. 

Our goal here is to open our culture to people who aren't really aware of what our traditions and values are. The world of barbecue now has a few products that will in my eyes shed light on the Navajo culture and inform consumers what we are about. And we love it. Ahéhee' (Thank you) 

-Navajo Mike

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