Our Story

After 15 years of being a chef, my career came to a screeching stop. It was 2020 and the pandemic hit and the restaurant I worked at like all the others, shut down. I always talked about making my own sauce to coworkers and now was my chance. My goal was to make a sauce that would be the staple for Southwestern Barbecue as well as shed light on my culture. Being Native American (Navajo/Diné) I wanted to use my heritage to illustrate and showcase to the world that a small Indigenous business had a voice as well as unique ingredients to bring to the table. And with our first batch we have also added 2 more flavors of barbecue sauces, 3 Sonoran style hot sauce and our very on easy to make fry bread mix. With these products we are now in 20 plus stores around the country ranging from retail stores, gift shops and museums. We are 100% Native owned and operated and certified "Authentic Made/Produced by American Indians" by the Intertribal Agriculture Council. We are based in Tempe, Arizona and would like to invite you to try our delicious Southwest products and support an Indigenous small business. Ahéhee' (Thank you)

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